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Take charge of your career path!

‘Take Charge!’, by Ad Astra’s Claire Coldwell, is an exploration of career topics for those people who need a quick fix of careers inspiration. It is essential reading for those seeking a new career path, change of job, new job, the ‘right job’ – or simply looking for career advice, career guidance and exploring different career options.

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As a career coach, I see hundreds of people who, having twenty or thirty years’ work experience under their belt, have either lost their way in terms of their career path or admit they never actually found it in the first place. Increasingly, I also see young people who have one or two years’ work experience and are disillusioned with their job or career already.

For both those groups, and many others, each with their own individual story, their experience is that their work or career does not provide the satisfaction or fulfilment which they had hoped to achieve. So what's the solution: a new job or a change of career path? Where do you get career advice and career guidance? How do you find the right job for you? How do you explore your career options?

The quest for career satisfaction is not just about a tweak here and there to get back on track. When people facing a career crisis contact me for career advice and help, they come with some fairly substantial questions:

‘I’m sure that I have more to offer to the experience of work than this - how do I begin to find out?’

‘I believe that there could be a couple of options for my future career path – how do I decide what’s best for me?

‘The job search scene has changed since I was last looking - how do I approach looking for a new job or career change – and market myself effectively?’

‘My situation means that I have to stay put in this job for a while – how do I make the best of it?

‘There’s more to life than work - what about the bigger picture?’

Do any of these questions strike a chord? I hear these every day from people who come to me for career coaching. These people are not unsuccessful or unfocused and they are not waiting for life to drop new job or new career opportunities in their laps without any effort on their part. They’re people like you.

They are people who are:

  • looking for career advice.
  • seeking career guidance.
  • want to review their career options.
  • thinking about a new career path.
  • considering a change of job or new job.
  • looking for the right job.

Many people recognise that it’s up to them to make the change in driving their career path, but they also accept that they need some help in doing it.

If you really want to be less passive about the proportion of your life which you’re spending at work, where to go for advice?

What you need is a trusted adviser who you can call on for succinct, informed advice when you need it – a kind of career agony aunt. What you're sure you don't need is a life-changing programme. You need the equivalent of a quick phone call or e-mail – sound advice which is specific to the issue which you are grappling with right now, and which will provide immediate direction.

This book provides direction in a succinct and digestible way. It’s written for people with no time or inclination to make big life changes (at least not right now). It’s authoritative, enabling and friendly. At the same time, the approach is inspiring and positive. It therefore addresses the big questions of expressing self through work as well as the immediate issues of writing a great CV. It provides enough information to make you think seriously about taking charge of your career and it provides enough direction and practical advice to build confidence in managing your career without having to work through a step-by-step programme.

How to use the book

This book is written for people who want career reassurance or guidance – fast! So it’s structured in a way which addresses common career questions and issues. You can dip in and read chapters for immediate advice – and later, when you have time, read the rest. I’ve included some quick reference guides to help to support you when you’re making changes with you career. Each chapter is self-contained and will give you the answer you are seeking, and the whole book builds into a handbook for supporting your career -– which means that you’ll be far better able to manage it for the long term.


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