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"The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind."

William James

"A measure of success of the career development training which Ad astra conducted with our staff is that several people have achieved their goal of career satisfaction through lateral development. This is a continual challenge for us as a flat organisation – how to keep our people motivated and developing without a pre-defined career path to rely upon, so this success means a great deal to us. This training has now been incorporated into our mainstream training and is an ongoing element of the suite of training offered"

Bob Parker, HR Director, Gwent Police

"Over the last two days I’ve discovered skills I didn’t know I had. I now have to find a way of channelling those skills (and all this new enthusiasm) into a job that will be consistently stimulating and rewarding. Words can’t express how useful these two days could potentially turn out to be for me. In fact, it’s a constant source of amazement that in just two days you not only showed me a possible goal, but provided some of the tools to achieve it. I’ve already recommended the Development Centre to a couple of colleagues. You’re all miracle-workers and I’m eternally grateful"

Clerical worker, local government

"Talking with Claire helped me to make sense of the situation I was in. It was like looking into the night sky – I was aware of the individual stars but not how they came together; she helped me to see the constellations…"

Senior Director, energy sector, undergoing a liberating career and lifestyle transition

"The workshop helped me to identify my skills and develop the confidence to explore a potential area of work which was previously just an idea for me. Now it will become a reality. Four excellent consultants - thank you all - many will benefit from your support."

Administrative Officer, local government

"The sessions helped me to analyse and take control of my current situation at the same time keeping me focused on the need to be aware of the bigger picture and other possible opportunities. I particularly valued Claire's perception of the difficulties of my current situation and her constantly positive, though realistic, approach."

Administrator, charity

"Claire has been extremely helpful to me and has played a significant part in enabling me to grasp career opportunities in my move to the private sector. She worked extensively with me on my CV, personality-profiling, networking and interview preparation. She was very flexible and responsive and provided me with good intelligence on best practice."

Director, local government

"I appreciated not only the insights into my approach to career transition and job search following redundancy, but also the wider perspective on the likely practical and emotional impact of the situation on my family."

HR Director, retail

"Claire saw another part of me, that part which was enthusiastic and passionate about something, and she guided me into seeing the reality for myself. I began to feel good about myself. I leapt off that imaginary cliff into the unknown and then I flew!"

Manager, events management

'I valued the way that Claire understood, and worked with, my specific needs and priorities, and she adapted her approach as these changed over the sessions.'

Operations Manager, retail

'Claire combines sound practical advice with an inspirational approach which encourages people to see the dormant potential in their situation.'

Marketing Executive, IT

"The development centre was very useful. I can recommend it to others - it was a good platform to develop and practise new personal skills."

Financial Officer , local government

Following feedback that I wasn't marketing myself effectively, we embarked upon sessions which highlighted my strengths and tackled my weaknesses. I learned some techniques for interview and grew in confidence when I realised that these were working in reality - I now have a job with a firm that I really like and where I can build a career!"

Law graduate

I am now able to be my true self. I am more confident in what I have to offer and I know that I'm adding more value to the organisation. I'm more balanced, in control and more objective about work."

HR Manager

The balanced and insightful approach which you adopted allowed me to understand probable tendencies and how these relate to the reality of how I operate within the working environment. In addition to the impact on myself, the combined learning of the team and how they may relate to one another has opened new doors between individuals, further strengthening an already successful team"

Area Manager, retail



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